Professional Book Editing Service

Our primary undertaking is to help every author communicate effectively, to reach your readers’ hearts and minds.

Our editing service focuses on four aspects: Content—we help you present your text making it appealing to the intended readers.

The editing service ensures that your writing maintains Focus—guaranteeing strong beginnings and gratifying endings, while sticking to one subject at a time.

As we edit your text, we similarly look out for language Precision—making certain that your writing has the right voice, tone, using the right words, and tenses.

And of utmost importance is Grammar. We are keen to correct common errors and mistakes in punctuation, sentence structure, parts of speech, and similar, getting your book ready for print and digital publishing.

We do 5 levels of Book Editing Service


Substantive Editing

We examine the content, its organization, and the state of the writing.


Copy Editing

Entails the writings’ details such as grammar, word-choice, repetitiveness, accuracy of bibliographical information, etc…


Technical Editing

This involves technical accuracy. We examine the graphics, figures, facts, and references to ascertain their exactitude


Proof Reading

We compare the final typeset copy against the correct original, typically the final manuscript after editng.


Quality Checks

These assessments are done after layout is complete. We ensure exactness of type, graphics placement, making the work ready for production.

Let’s Work with you

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