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Yes, you can judge books by their covers!

At Ebony Matrix Technologies, we believe that your book’s visual presentation and its look-and-feel determine if readers will pick it or not.

No matter how hard you’ve worked to create the perfect, captivating content, if the cover is neither appealing, nor reflective of the content, and if the interior formatting isn’t pleasing to the eye, your work will not get the attention it truly deserves.

And that’s why we have the ideal solutions to ensure your book gets into your readers’ hands for a great reading experience.

Professional Book Cover Design

Using effective commercial and fine art, we create professional-quality book covers using recommended print-production techniques that are in tandem with your marketing goals. We do a preliminary analysis of the text’s theme and style, and then give industry-standard recommendations. Our design approach helps your book communicate its content successfully to entice the readers to try it out.

Book Page Interior Formatting and Design

For a memorable reading experience, professional book page interior design is a must. With a clear textual hierarchy and a good eye for typography, we create bespoke book page formatting that will pique your readers’ interest. Using expert-grade layout and composition, we create layouts that meet industry standards regardless of the genre. Our formatting is also designed to clearly bring out the different sections of your book—chapters, bibliography, dedication, table of contents, for a readable printed book.

Our Page Design options include:

Simple Page Design

Straightforward design, ideal for works of fiction, poetry, and novels with little or no imagery or illustrations. Best for black text printing only, with gray-scale rendering of images.


Complex Page Design

Nonfiction with special headings and subheadings, bibliographies, references, glossary, endnotes and many more.

Complex Photo Layouts

Fully illustrated pages with complex layouts like corporate designs, technical publications with graphs, tables, etc. in full colour.

Beyond Book Design and Publishing

The earth is flat, and so is the world of book publishing. We have the technical know-how to extend your book’s reach beyond print media. Online digital publishing platforms like Amazon and Apple’s iBooks enable your book to reach millions of readers worldwide. We can help you do that too.

Does your book marketing plan include a website to promote the publication? Would you want to connect deeper with your readers in an active blog to build a larger following? Would the discussions raised therein and questions posed by your online followers be a basis for creating your book’s second edition? Then you probably need an accompanying website to be launched with your book. We can show you how…

And would you like it if we got the word out to thousands about our newest book release through targeted Direct Email Marketing to thousands of potential buyers in Kenya? Then look no further. We can design a special all-inclusive package with that too…

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