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Pleasant, riveting, content that makes sense and cents

Investing in professionally written web copy always brings in the returns. Not only does Ebony Matrix Technologies illustrate your vision, we also phrase it—to steal your clients’ attention and tell them a story they will like and not easily forget.

Let our talented wordsmiths apply invigorating imagination to churn out website, printed and ad content that’s both compelling and persuasive. And watch your conversion rates soar. Our copywriters will help you craft website, print or even advertising content with an effective, authoritative or appropriate tone.

Word has it that our copywriters are alchemists: they can transmute even the driest topics to something pleasant and riveting.


SEO-friendly Copy

It doesn’t have to end there, or does it? Well, at Ebony Matrix, we love persuasive, captivating text that appeals to the heart and mind. But we go further than that.

Depending on your marketing strategy, we align your content with the search engines. Yes, your brilliantly scripted text not only sounds good, but could also be bundled with an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy so that copy used say, in a product brochure, can seamlessly flow onto your web pages.

And that makes sense and cents…

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