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Why E-learning for workforce training?

In today’s fluid, unpredictable marketplace, the benefit of employee training is evident to all. Effectual training, when well implemented, has countless benefits: from making workers more competent and productive, to increasing production and profits, and cutting costs and wastes in the process, the gains are surpassing.

Good training rids companies of inefficiencies, and consecutively reduces high employee turnover, as well as expensive, time-consuming employee onboarding. It also leads to improved staff compliance with statutory regulations.

eLearning, which is essentially training delivered on digital devices like computers and tablets, then is a suitable solution. It is a reasonably priced, effective means of transferring knowledge, and is not limited to time and geographical distance.

At Ebony Matrix Technologies, we help companies, organizations create effective e-learning solutions. We offer timely advice to enable HR and corporate training departments launch out e-learning training that meets business goals. We help companies develop your existing training materials into efficient e-courses, that are compatible with human cognitive learning processes, that in turn build valuable job-related skills.

Induction and New Employee Onboarding

Getting into a new working environment and culture can be overwhelming even for the most promising talent. For new employees to feel informed, productive, and confident from their first days in the job, then an effective induction and onboarding training is vital.

We can help your organization cut costs and save time with an effectual and consistently-messaged training delivered across the board, reaching virtually thousands of employees in e-learning, to deliver induction that precipitates buy-in.

Let your new employees have functional first steps that help them grasp the company’s vision and work culture, while covering important compliance and safety issues earliest in their careers.

Compliance Training

With ever growing and shifting landscape of industry legislation and law, compulsory compliance training is crucial for business.

Being a constant challenge for organizations and businesses to ensure that the workforce is compliant, informed and conversant with policy, we help organizations drive engaging compliance training that works well with your workforce and that fosters behaviour change.

Product Knowledge Training

Whether you aim to build a strong sales team, or an effective customer service team, effective product knowledge is required.

With staff working in different locations nationally or even throughout the region, it is now possible to rapidly deliver stimulating and knowledge-driven training to your staff via e-learning, to empower them to close sales and satisfy diverse customer needs with ease. Let us help you deliver engaging product knowledge training for the most demanding sales and customer service needs.

Our eLearning Consultancy package also includes:

eLearning Courses

We convert, digitize and design your courses into e-learning compatible formats.

Learning Management Systems

We provide e-Training Management Systems to handle all  aspects of your online training courses.

eLearning Training Solutions

We train your learning & development department to manage and get the best of the e-learning Systems.

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