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For organizations to meet and exceed market share, then continuous change is a must. Learning and professional development is the expected path. For many companies, Human Resource personnel in learning and development would admit, this is never an easy, nor inexpensive feat.

This daunting reality coupled with the fact that workforce demography is rapidly shifting with each generational change, given that technology-savvy millennials now consist of up to 36% of the actively working population, a crucial pointer towards the quiet revolution in the learning and training industry.

Studies show that professionally developed e-learning can commensurately improve learner engagement and retention.

Using proven learning models, we design and develop instructional design-sound courses that are tailored to meet your specific workforce goals: with interactive and multi-media based course content, we strive to engage the learner and maximize the learning experience. Our courses are designed to have:


Elements of our engaging e-learning courses

Audio narration & multi-media integration

Bring e-learning training to life with rich, interactive, multi-media content


Simplify difficult or complex concepts with live, captivating demonstrations for maximized retention.

Decision-making scenario learning

Branched course logic for better learner engagement and behavioral change models

E-learning Gamification

Motivate your workforce’s training to fuel professional success through game mechanics to reinforce performance.

Storytelling approach to pedagogy

Leverage the power of narrative for real-life, compelling, employee engagement in training

Context-motivated actions

Use operational case study tools for situational learning with multiple pronged context-driven activities.

Social media learning

Extend training beyond the formal class framework with social media for fun, connected and collaborative learning.

Software simulations

Help learners gain meaningful competencies through experiential learning used in practical, explorative simulations.

e-Courseware Conversion

Using commercial, industry-standard e-learning tools, we can convert your current instructor-led training courses into interactive courses, that function seamlessly in any e-learning environment.

In addition, we can help your training and development team:

  • Develop functional in-house training guidelines
  • Implement effective skill gap analysis for training requirements
  • Convert existing training course materials to interactive and blended learning formats
  • Implement wireframing, storyboarding, instructional design and course scripting


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