LMS Integration Solutions

Automate and manage e-learning via Learning Management Systems

Ebony Matrix Technology will help your organization maximize your online Learning Management through setting up an effective Learning Management System.

This system, when hosted on a preferred web server avails training to staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in different time-zones, thus saving the employer money in cutting down on classroom-based training overheads.

With capacity to categorize trainings into logical, and manageable units of courses, course categories, modules, lessons and quizzes, your training will follow an intuitive order that meets diverse learner profiles. Moreover, the trainers and administrators stand to gain much insight from a comprehensive dashboard offered for effective tracking and reporting facilities.

Using the principles of gamification, learner engagement and subject matter retention will be enhanced through social media learning, context-driven activities, using effective tools match competencies with the business goals.

Your workforce will enjoy improved collaboration and reach through instant connectivity with trainer/subject matter experts and interaction with fellow learners, globally.

The LMS solution will augur well with the demanding needs of millennials with continual learning offered outside the classroom learning environment, for meaning work. Using sophisticated tools and principles, this generation of employee can leverage improved pedagogy through a friendly user interface, mobile learning, and heightened learning through rich interactive media and dynamic quizzing and assessments. Your staff can at last enjoy improved learning alternatives at very reasonable and convenient investment costs.

Powerful and intuitive Learning Management System’s Features

Course User Tracking & Reporting

Track and report learner progress, assessments on a comprehensive dashboard

Drip-feed Content

Schedule lesson section availability via a dynamic drip-feed content for progressive learning

Social Learning

Use dynamic forums to extend learning and enhance connectedness among learners and SMEs

Manage Assignments

Administer learning extra activities and assignments easily after submission

Certificates & Awards

Award bespoke certificates and points for a gamified e-learning experience

Complex Multi-level Courses

Manage your trainings into course categories, courses, modules, quizzes and topics


Advanced Quizzing Engine

Leverage multiple quiz formats for effective learner engagements via assessments and examinations

Email Notifications

Increase learners’ engagement through automated emailing triggers 

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