Ebony Matrix Manifesto

A little about Ebony Matrix Technologies

Ebony Matrix Technologies is a multi-disciplinary creative agency located in Nairobi city, East Africa, in Kenya. Our longstanding commitment is to creating first-rate solutions for businesses, NGOs, corporate entities, SMEs and individuals.

Using cutting-edge technologies, we provide professional and international-standard services that drive business and generate revenue. At Ebony Matrix, we are obsessed with developing practical and workable results, user-friendly solutions that not only look good, but also get the work done. Talk of beauty and brains.

Book Editing

Professional Book Editing, Book Page Design and eBook publishing

Digital Marketing

Online Research, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Strategy

Web Design

Web design and Development, Web Content Development, Email marketing and Copywriting


We are committed to helping businesses leverage on their online presence through professional IT solutions.

Our eye for detail and love for well-scripted text propels us to help authors express themselves with clarity, brevity, and authority, to reach the hearts and minds of their readers by telling compelling stories. Our inclination to good typography and page design ensures that your ideas not only sound good, but also appeal to the eyes. And yes, you can judge books by their covers!

We believe your business vision fuelled by passion for success and innovation deserves a fighting chance in the rich, expansive digital space. And that’s why we are versed in matters of online/digital research, to help you be visible in search engines where your prospective clients are.

And because we have always gotten our hands dirty developing all kinds websites, we believe your business should have an imposing online presence through a professional website. We do web design and web development. With beautiful, compelling copy, too…

We are proud of what we do. But underlying our passion for first-rate digital experiences is a simple philosophy of excellence! We commit an inordinate amount of effort improving, and striving for superior standards of quality, so that your business can thrive.

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